Why RaceTime Transport?

  • Because our company is Chicago-land based, we only require a maximum of four days prior to an event weekend to obtain the customer's bicycle and gear bag.
  • This allows the customer to keep their equipment longer prior to an event, which to an athlete, is a key element in training.

How Does RaceTime Transport Work?

  • We cater specifically to athletes and provide round-trip transportation services to events nationwide.
  • After an individual or group registers, we determine a drop off location.
  • The customer’s fully assembled bike and gear bag is securely transported in our custom outfitted bike trailer.
  • The bike and gear bags are returned to the customer for the event. After the event is completed, we obtain the bike and gear bag and transport it back to the original drop off location. 
  • Pick-up will be at a designated location near event.

What Does Transportation Cost?

  • Prices are determined based on location of the event.
  • We offer group and club rates.
  • All fees include round trip transportation. 
  • Base fee includes one gear bag. Each additional bag will be $25.
  • Save the hassle of picking up your bike at our designated location. For an additional $50, we'll provide door to door service.
  • For a transportation quote, please contact us.

How Do We Register?

  • Deadline to register is 2 weeks prior to event.
  • All transportation services are subject to a minimum amount registers.
  • For more information or to register, please contact us at sales@racetimetransport.com or call 630-776-6924.